Why I am poor, if I’m smart and hardworking?


Recently, my husband told me the story. A respected man, a former head of my husband, a wealthy businessman, asked him once: “Would you like to be my partner? I need a companion for my business. ” My husband smiled and referred to the comparison of plows and Ferrari. At the businessman replied, “In vain. It is very difficult nowadays to find a reliable, strong and responsible person like you! “Why do I tell you this? Then, to show you that our poverty lies in our thinking. We have deliberately said to yourself “no.” Where are you going to? You are an old car! It’s not for me! They say we are programmed by society to being a worker or workers, and that all in all should, and he will not give to get rich. Once the wage rises, followed by rising prices. We have to pay payroll taxes, sales taxes, pay bills, pay for travel on public transport, pay for treatment, to pay for the garden and hobby groups for children, to pay for education. It is so natural, is not it? And what do we spend the rest? For himself, for hobbies, for beautiful clothes, to replace furniture in the apartment, on the trip? Or is it to eat itself buy? In our country, and I live in the Estonian capital of Tallinn, the law on apartment associations. Renovation of the facade, roof, replacement of pipes in the house and even the asphalt near the house paid for with pockets of residents. And this is something usual and customary.

All paid and I was crying. And we already can not imagine that in Finland repairs in the apartments, however, in the municipal, do by the state, changing the kitchen furniture, changing the plumbing, make repairs. And all this at a European standard, not just blue paint walked through the ceiling, walls and floor. And then why would I need my own apartment? There are still only lights near our houses their lamps twist. So people have pinned under the weight of all the cards, payments and invoices. We bend, but we’re still alive. You can still collect from us. Some soon nothing but himself and left.

I am writing this all with the aim to show that the working man – it’s like an oil well for olligarha. And shakes her money out of our superior system until the power is in man. What a sick or elderly person becomes so completely trouble. There is no help. Worked his own, gave strength, youth, and sit at home, consider bread crumbs. I was impressed by one scene. The store are usually drawers, carts, bins with garbage. In the litter box from the store carried flabby cabbage leaves. And what do you think? Properly and neatly dressed grandmother are all vying with each other and choose their leaves in the soup. And my dear teacher with several higher education, intellectual. Not a woman, and encyclopedia. She came out a few years ago to retire. When we had walked through the square, she happily and excitedly looked around and picked up in the bushes, “money.”

Then they gave up and bought very cheaply in humanitarian aid good things … I was always very worried about how I will live when I retire. What am I going better than these neat and intelligent grandmothers who hunt for free food near the supermarket? I told myself that I do not want to live like that. I told myself that I wanted … and here I realized suddenly that want to wish and dream I do not know how. I had to learn. We can not allow ourselves to be worthy of more. We have already identified a place in advance. Identified themselves as an Old car. And why not? We are all born under the same star. Yes, it is difficult to make an effort to begin to change your thinking. Begin to rethink their situation and take steps to ensure that the permit itself to become successful and wealthy.

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