Searching for jobs outside your area? Skype can help


Are you planning on re-locating to a different region, state, province, or even country? If you’re planning on searching for jobs in a brand new area with a different phone area code, it is a great idea to hook onto Skype. Employers nowadays prefer if [...]

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Interviews as a Practice


There are two things which both a job candidate and interviewer can agree on in the hiring process: 1) The employer needs to fill the open position 2) The interviewee wants to get that job It should boost your confidence only to think the employer [...]

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The No-Surrender Approach to Job Applications


Have you started your job hunt rampage? [Research / type / click / attach / send] That’s normally how job applications go. At least, that’s more along the lines of how you should be thinking about them. I will admit, it’s not the most entertaining [...]

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Office in your pocket


Replacing your office with your smartphone Have you ever thought how much business has changed? At one point, people did their work without the Internet.  They did it without computers and email.  Now, try to imagine doing your job without any of those things.  Could [...]

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5 things you should know about social networking


Social networks are able to level the playing field among industry leaders and startups , including multinational corporate executives and owners of SMEs. However, appearances can be deceiving . Citing ” Animal Farm ” by George Orwell , all users in social networks are equal [...]

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