Improving Your Resume


Your resume is your first impression to a hiring manager. It’s the first thing most prospective employers see — especially in the digital era when personal introductions hold little to no value. Job seeking is almost entirely online, and for this reason, the digital copy [...]

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The Starving Artist


All too often we meet painters, singers, writers and other artists who are struggling to stay afloat. It seems that in today’s society, as in many, the artist is often overlooked, under appreciated and even shunned. Well this is a shout out to any and [...]

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Stand Out Without Being There


I was looking to hire some new people recently and I was amazed at the diversity of the resumés that were being submitted. Not by the skills or experience of the applicants but the diversity of the layout, colour and visuals that I saw. I [...]

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How to Knock Your Skype Interview Out of The Park


Well, there’s really no other way to put it: the future is here. With the global world we live in, it’s no surprise that the video interview (often generalized as the Skype interview) has become a reality. However, this is no longer a tool used [...]

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Searching for jobs outside your area? Skype can help


Are you planning on re-locating to a different region, state, province, or even country? If you’re planning on searching for jobs in a brand new area with a different phone area code, it is a great idea to hook onto Skype. Employers nowadays prefer if [...]

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